Skype Gift Card

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Buy Skype credit

Increase your Skype credit with a Skype Gift Card and start placing worldwide calls on Skype! Redeem the Skype code to increase your Skype credit.

A Skype gift card is a prepaid gift card with which you can increase your Skype credit for your Skype account. You can easily increase your Skype credit with a Skype Gift Card.

Skype code delivered directly by mail!

Add extra credit to your Skype account with a Skype Gift Card. You no longer need a credit card!

Immediately after finalising the transaction, a Skype code will appear on your screen, as well as be delivered directly by mail You will also receive a link to redeem the code automatically, without having to type the code again.

Print the Skype code on gift paper!

Do you want to surprise someone with a Skype Gift Card? Print the Skype Gift Card on gift paper, you’ll have the perfect gift in mere minutes!

We offer a wide selection of gift paper designs, so you will have the perfect gift for every occasion! Personalize your gift by leaving your own peronal message.