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These gift cards can only be redeemed in a the currency they are purchased for. Therefore, please make sure to select the correct currency.

Buy a Rixty Card online

Buy a Rixty Card online and you will receive the Rixty Card code instantly by email. Rixty is your ideal prepaid gift card for online entertainment. Rixty Cards are popular because they guarantee safe and secure online entertainment payments. You won’t need a credit card any more to buy virtual goods. You simply turn your Rixty Card code into game credits for online purchases. Use your Rixty Card to buy your favourite multiplayer games, play in virtual worlds or download mobile games. The amount of available content is almost unlimited. Buy games like Warframe, Roblox, CrossFire and World of Tanks conveniently with your Rixty Card!

Rixty Card Code instantly delivered

By buying a Rixty Gift Card you will receive an instantly redeemable code by email. In addition, the code will also be shown directly on screen, so you can redeem your Rixty Card code immediately on your account to turn it into credit.

Did you follow the redeem instructions, but need more guidance to redeem your Rixty Card code? Simply contact our customer service by chat or email for assistance.

Give someone a Rixty Gift Card

Would you like to give someone a Rixty Gift Card? Just like a Karma Koin Card or a G2A Card, a Rixty Gift Card will make a gamer’s eyes sparkle! Apply one of our free gift card templates to make your present fit for the occasion and download your customized gift card to print it out or send it on digitally. You will have your present ready in just a few moments!

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