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With your MINT Prepaid Card you can make secure online payments for services and games, movie streaming or VPN without revealing your private or credit card information. MINT is a globally accepted online payment method. Use it to ensure safety when paying for online games and entertainment services like ExpressVPN, Game321, TenSquareGames, Tencent, MMOGA, NetCase Games, Oasis Games, League of Angels, Dead Frontier or iRacing - to name just a few! Buy your MINT Prepaid Card instantly online and you will receive your MINT pin code 24/7 instantly by email! Redeem your MINT Card directly to all your online payments secure and privacy protected.

MINT Pin Code Email Delivery

How can you make secure online payments with your MINT Prepaid Card? Simply start by selecting the amount of prepaid credit you would like to have on your MINT Prepaid Card. Then choose one of our many secure payment methods to purchase your MINT Card. After your transaction is complete, the MINT Prepaid pin code will appear on your screen, ready to be redeemed on the service of your choice: increase your account credit, buy entertainment content or gain access to an online service without subscribing to it permanently. This way, you’re not committing to anything and you don’t even need a credit card anymore!

Do you need help redeeming your MINT Prepaid Card? Our customer service is happy to help you, if you contact them by chat or email.

Turn your MINT Prepaid Card into a printable Gift Card

Do you want to give a MINT Prepaid Card to a friend? Easily done! Just like Ticketpremium or Neosurf, a MINT Gift Card offers prepaid credit that can be redeemed worldwide to pay securely online for games and streaming or VPN services. With our wide range of free and fun gift card templates you can choose the right topic for your present. Add a personal note and download your customized MINT Gift Card to print it out or send it on digitally. You will have the perfect gift in just a couple of minutes!

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