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Buy Minecraft Gift Card Codes online 24/7 and you’ll have the perfect gift for anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to use a credit card to buy Minecraft or its in-game currency. The paid version of Minecraft can be played offline and has already been downloaded 110 million times! To download Minecraft one can conveniently use a prepaid gift card. We also have gift cards for Minecraft’s in-game currency Minecoins. The Minecraft redeem code will be instantly delivered by email. You can turn a Minecraft gift code into a personalized present by applying one of our free gift card templates for every occasion!

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What is a Minecraft Prepaid Card?

Minecraft is a a sandbox and adventure game from Mojang. In this game, which is wildly popular especially amongst children and young people, cubes can be used to build objects. The player has his own avatar, to which the environment actively adapts. During the game inhabited and uninhabited landscapes, mountains, lakes, tunnels and opponents gradually arise, shaping the game around the player. A Minecraft prepaid card is especially valuable for young people and friends, who don’t have the means or possibility to purchase their Minecraft game or Minecoins with a credit card. Minecoins are the in-game currency, which can be used at the Minecraft marketplace to buy cosmetic and visual content like skin packs, texture packs, worlds or mash-up packs. More information can be found at the Minecoins Marketplace FAQ page.

Do you want to buy Minecraft as a gift for a friend?

As mentioned before, Minecraft is the most popular video game among children. Millions of downloads proof that this game is here to stay. And with its largely harmless and non-violent content, many parents are looking to provide their children, or their children’s friends, with the means to play this game. If you want more information on the game, this Parent’s guide to Minecraft will answer all your questions!

A Minecraft prepaid card is thus the perfect gift for young people to download and play Minecraft offline. A Minecoins gift card on the other hand is a great gift for those, who alre already happily playing Minecraft. It will provide them with sufficient in-game currency to buy new skins for their avatar, get new textures or worlds and other great in-game content to enhance their gaming pleasure with. Pro tip: Combine your Minecraft Gift Card with an Amazon Gift Card to provide the possibility to order some awesome Minecraft merchandise. Cause from clothes, to Lego sets to books - Minecraft is everywhere! And while you’re at it, why not treat yourself too, perhaps with a Netflix Card for your own entertainment purposes?

Whatever your gift choice is, don’t forget to apply one of our free gift card templates, add a personal message and download your customized gift card. And just like that, you’ve created an awesome last minute present birthday present within just a few minutes and without having to leave the house!

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