Microsoft Gift Cards

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Buy Windows Store credit

Do you want to charge extra credit onto your Windows Store account? Buy a Microsoft Gift Card and redeem the Microsoft code on your Windows account!

Directly after completing the transaction, a Microsoft code will appear on your screen, ready to be redeemed on your Microsoft account. In just 1 minute, you will have increased your Windows Store credit, easy as can be!

What is a Microsoft Gift Card?

A Microsoft Gift Card is a prepaid gift card, with which you can increase your Microsoft (and Xbox) Credit. At the back of those Microsoft cards you’ll find a Microsoft code, which you can redeem in the Windows Store.

You can safely purchase the Windows Store codes online at eGiftcards24, so you can redeem the code immediately on your Microsoft account.

Give the Microsoft Card to a friend!

Do you want to give a Microsoft card to a friend? By a Microsoft card and print it on gift paper. In just a few minutes, yu will have the perfect gift!

We offer a wide selection of different gift paper designs to choose from, so you will have the right gift for every occasion. Personalize your gift by leaving a personal message.

Redeem Microsoft code

To redeem a Microsoft code you need a Microsoft account. Use our redeem page, the link Redeem automatically or redeem the Microsoft code manually on the Microsoft website:

  • Go to and log into your Microsoft account
  • Press 'Payment Options' under the tab 'Payment and Billing'.
  • Select the option Microsoft account and press Redeem code.
  • Enter the Microsoft code you bought from us and press continue.

Learn more about redeeming a Windows Store code in our Microsoft manual.