Redeem Guild Wars 2 Gem code

If you want to redeem a Guild Wars 2 Gem code, it is important to make sure you are logged onto the correct Guild Wars 2 account. It would be a shame if you accidentally redeemed the Guil Wars 2 Gem code on the wrong account!

Redeeming a Guild Wars 2 code

  • Log into your Guild Wars 2 account.
  • Open the Black Lion Trading Company menu (or use the hotkey ‘O’.
  • Click the Redeem Code button at the top left of the Gem Store screen and follow the on-screen instruction.

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Buy Guild Wars 2 Gem card?

Do you need Gems for you Guild Wars 2 account? Buy a Guild Wars 2 Gem Card by paying with either iDEAL, Mister Cash or Bitcoin, among others.

Delivered directly by mail

After payment, a Guild Wars 2 Gem Card will appear on your screen, ready to be redeemed on your Guild Wars 2 account. You will also receive an e-mail with the invoice, as well ass the Guild Wars 2 Gem code.