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Get more G2A credit

Get more G2A credit with a G2A Gift Card, to avoid having to use a credit card! Buy the G2A prepaid card and receive the G2A code directly by email!

Directly after completing the transaction, the G2A code will appear on your screen, ready to be redeemed on your G2A account, without having to use a credit card to buy Games and Vouchers on!!

What is a G2A Gift Card?

A G2A Giftcard is a prepaid gift card with which you can increase your G2A credit. You can use this to buy G2A games, Game Keys or other Vouchers. We have partnered up with G2A, so we are licensed to offer these codes online.

Redeem the G2A code on your G2A account to get more credit, without committing to anything!

Print on gift paper

Do you want to give a G2A Gift Card to a friend? Print the Gift Card on gift paper, to have the perfect gift in just a couple of minutes!

We offer a wide selection of different gift paper designs to choose from, so you can have the right gift for every occasion. Personalize the gift by leaving your personal message.

Redeem G2A code

You can redeem the G2A code in your browser. You need a G2A account to be able to redeem the code. Use our redeem page, the link Redeem automatically or redeem the G2A code manually:

Redeem G2A code in your browser

  • Go to and log into your G2A account.
  • Click 'G2A Wallet
  • Click 'Add G2A Gift Card'
  • Ente the G2A code and press add to credit.
  • Your credit has been increased.

Learn more about redeeming a G2A code in our G2A manual.