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The easiest way to buy bitcoin is with Crypto Voucher, a bitcoin prepaid card. Buy Crypto Voucher online with PayPal or many other of our secure payment methods. Redeem Crypto Voucher for the cryptocurrency of your choice, whenever the time is right for you. Choose from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) or ICO Tokens. Crypto Voucher is a cryptocurrency card with prepaid credit and thus the best solution to buy bitcoin instantly. It’s simple, fast and secure!

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The best solution to buy bitcoin is with a prepaid card, like Crypto Voucher. Just choose the value of your prepaid card and pay with PayPal or another of our many secure online payment methods. After your purchase, you will receive the Crypto Voucher code instantly by email.

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With a Crypto Voucher you can fill your crypto wallet in an instant with bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum or ICO tokens, using secure prepaid credit. Invest, mine, exchange or trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instantly. If you are looking for even more cryptocurrencies to choose from, you might also be interested in our bit4coin gift card.

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